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Conversion Rate Optimisation

Conversion Rate Optimisation or CRO, is the process of making small changes to your website and measuring its effects against the conversion rate of the existing page, similar to A/B split testing.

This may be as simple as making a small text change, the change in colour of a button or the size or the positioning of an element.

It is better to measure small changes to each page, rather than many changes at once, as any one of them may have a positive, or negative impact on the conversion of the page, whether you want to increase sales, or sign-ups on your website.

Below are a few examples of real life tests.

Site Wide Category Pages

We made drastic layout/trust factor changes to all of our catalogue pages.

Within 2 days of going on test we found the new pages were a great success.

We increased conversion rate by 2.35%.

With the traffic levels going though this page being 840 visitors for two days that means a revenue increase of on average £750

The new catalogue page was declared a winner and had a 96% chance of beating the original page.

Category Page CRO

Cart Test Page

Added some trust factors to the Cart page and moved things around to make it easier to navigate.

We put the page on test against the old cart page using our optimisation suite and found that:

We increased conversion rate by 25.49% taking the overall page conversion rate to 49.25% which is a fantastic result.

The screen shot below shows that, in three days that the test was running the extra 5 conversion generated on average £190 worth of revenue, and that after three days of data the new page had a 95% chance of beating the original.

Cart Page CRO

Add to Cart Pop-Up Page

After the great success of the cart test we decided to try to affect the conversion rate on adding to the cart.

We changed a few key features and added more trust factors to the page, we put it on test against the old page.

We found the page had an average of 57.32% conversion from when they added product to the basket going through to checkout.

The Test ran for 6 days and we affected conversion rate by 2.86%, doesn't sound a lot but for every 100 visitors we had on average 2.5 extra orders, which was worth £108!

Cart POP Up Page CRO

What are your conversion rates on key pages? Can you afford not to invest in Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Work your traffic harder and see if you can get gains like this.