Software Development

Software Development is at the heart of PIXELfusion. Well conversed with a number of programming technologies, the team would be delighted to discuss your requirements. If you require something a little out of the ordinary then why not give us a call, to discuss your requirements.

We have developed systems that:

  • Integrate with Aviation Parts Processing Software that injects invoices directly into Sage or Quickbooks.
  • Pulls together research amassed during the month and generates a dvd ready image for subscribers.
  • Allows customers to upload documents to a central repository, as a basic document management system.
  • Integrates with 3rd party websites, that allows products to have personalised print. We essentally pull the inputted data together, along with any fixed image, calculate the positioning on a page and save it as a pdf and can send it direct to your RIPs hot folder.
  • Calculates tier delivery pricing for an ecommerce platform for a customer who had products sent direct to a customer from a multitude of different suppliers.

We can develop software solutions that plug into your existing systems and website, to help your business become more streamlined...